Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A BlogHer Fan

In this age of spam and scams, it is necessary to be a little distrustful about social media groups and possible money-making schemes on the internet. It is easy to become cynical, which leads to snark and even to paranoia about the doings of cyberspace. In early 2009, after having a blog for about three years, I felt that I had witnessed the entire gamut of colorful online human behavior, and henceforth steered clear of all discussions forums, feeling that between Facebook and my blog, I had more than enough lively personalities to balance. However, since my family was experiencing financial hardship, I had not given up hope of doing more with my blog in order to help make ends meet.

My friend Karen the "Graphics Fairy" recommended the BlogHer Publishing Network. I signed up for the ads and not only did they bear the desired fruit but I found the Network itself to be a positive addition to my internet life. The BlogHer Network provides women who stay home with all kinds of outlets for creativity as well as for opportunities to use their talents in a profitable manner. BlogHer has recently gotten together with HauteLook to help women find bargains in designer clothes and accessories. I thought the "Own Your Beauty" series to be helpful in breaking down the lies that society tells women about their bodies and their looks, lies which often lead to illness and depression. Most of all, I never cease to be impressed by all the practical parenting resources. I found the "LG Text Ed" tips for parents in dealing with teen texting to be an eye-opening program.

Do I agree with everything on the Network? No. Nevertheless, I am impressed by the overall civil tone of the discourse, in which women from different backgrounds are able to discuss issues without breaking into divisive histrionics. I am always surprised by how many women do think and believe the way I do.The fact that BlogHer often links to my blog articles shows that they are not afraid to discuss controversial topics dealing with faith and history. BlogHer has become an oasis on the internet for me, a place for support, a place to find other mothers with the same worries, and thoughts on how to deal with aging, weight gain, and dozens of other issues. Most important is the feeling of sisterhood with those who are trying to build better lives for themselves and their families.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Making It through the Recession

I often look at pictures of my grandmothers from during the Great Depression and am amazed at how neat and put together they always looked in spite of the economic hardships. With what the economy was going through, anyone would have thought they would have felt free to look sloppy and bedraggled. Instead they were well-groomed, pretty and smiling, ready to take the troubles head-on, which they did. They were cheerful and resourceful and rose to the occasion instead of being beaten down by it. In the times in which we live, in which jobs are lost and opportunities seem scarce, I think of my grandmothers and try to be like them.